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    I had an absolute blast during this Senior Session. Jaxon is a very kind young man, and fun to work with.

  • What’s Up With Mirrorless Cameras ?

    You may have heard some buzz about mirrorless cameras for the past couple years. What are they? Are they better than DSLR? How do they work? To answer that we need to start with the basics of camera operation. A camera lens consumes the light rays around it , and then uses glass to redirect…

  • Photography Workflow

    What is a photography workflow? What does a typical session look like on the other end of the camera?

  • 10 Ways to Nurture Your Children

    What is nurturing? Nurturing is essentially developing a secure bond between your child and yourself. I’m going to give you ten ways to nurture your children. Some of them you may not have thought of before, many of them may be things you are already doing. One: Look your child in the eyes when they…