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  • Display Your Art

    Display Your Art

    This is a baby doll blanket that my great grandmother made for me when I was little. I loved it, stained it, ripped it, and so did Bella. But I decided recently that it’s time to try and preserve it. And that led me down a path about art and heirlooms. I’m sad when I…

  • Motherhood is My Calling

    Motherhood is My Calling

    A Calling is what your soul was made to do. This is often different from what you do to make a living for yourself.

  • Beauty, Even Here

    Beauty in Midwinter . I don’t always recognize it. The branches are bare. There is nary a green , growing thing to be found. The stillness feels empty instead of like a benediction. However, I’m learning to embrace the quiet, the stillness , the empty. The heaviness of waiting. The joy of leaning into living…

  • 10 Ways to Nurture Your Children

    What is nurturing? Nurturing is essentially developing a secure bond between your child and yourself. I’m going to give you ten ways to nurture your children. Some of them you may not have thought of before, many of them may be things you are already doing. One: Look your child in the eyes when they…