What to Expect at Your Session:

I will walk you through some gentle prompts instead of posing you more formally. These create a more authentic response than more formally posed portraits.

What do I wear?

For Family Photos: I suggest coordinating clothing, in light or neutral colors, for family members.

Sticking to two or three main colors works well for family portraits. The look we are going for is “Coordinated” , not “matching”.

Helpful Items to bring : Comfortable shoes, a water bottle , a brush or comb for last minute adjustments. For babies and toddlers it’s often helpful to have a change of clothes (that also coordinate with what the family is wearing. )

What to Expect at Your Portrait Session :

Please arrive fifteen minutes before your appointment time. This provides us with a moment to get acquainted before we begin your session. We will meet and go over your contract, a model release and your final payment.

I will answer any questions at this time.

Then, I invite you to relax, smile, and enjoy the process.

I will provide some gentle prompts in order to capture those authentic smiles. We may do a few posed shots, but the majority of your portraits will be lightly scripted so they look effortlessly candid.

After Your Session :

Your photos will be ready in 5-7 business days, Via a link for your private gallery.

Depending on your package, you will have a set number of images available to download.

There may also be additional portraits for purchase .

Don’t forget to print your photos! You can order them through the link on Pixiset, or download and print them at your favorite place.