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    I had an absolute blast during this Senior Session. Jaxon is a very kind young man, and fun to work with.

  • How Fresh is Your Fruit?

    I’ve been thinking about fruit. I’d like to do a study with my youth group on the Fruit of the Spirit, but the pre written studies feel lame and childish, and frankly I’m not sure that I’m qualified to write my own. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness,…

  • Spring Light , and the Newness of Spring.

    Everything is made new in the spring. Springs themselves are always so new, too. No spring is ever just like any other spring. It always has something of its own to be its peculiar sweetness. – L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island (Anne of Green Gables 3) What spring sweetness are you experiencing currently? What…

  • Grace’s Lifestyle Session

    Grace’s Lifestyle Session

    I am not a horse photographer. However, Grace was kind enough to let me try to take Lifestyle Photos of her and Rooster. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn a new aspect of my craft. And I’m even more grateful for Grace’s sweet and patient personality.

  • Display Your Art

    Display Your Art

    This is a baby doll blanket that my great grandmother made for me when I was little. I loved it, stained it, ripped it, and so did Bella. But I decided recently that it’s time to try and preserve it. And that led me down a path about art and heirlooms. I’m sad when I…

  • Photography is My Art

    Photography is My Art

    I explained what I meant by Motherhood is My Calling, and now I would like to explain the next part of that phrase. Photography is my art. What is art? When you strip away all the subtle elements, the illusions, and the preconceptions… art is when humans make things. And why do we make things?…

  • Posing Tips for Real People

    With the advent of the internet, Pinterest , and social media, somewhere along 2012 we all woke up to the fact that we weren’t posing for photos correctly. Then came the age of hands on our hips and ducky- faced selfies . ::shudder::: How does a mature woman pose for photos that look flattering, without…

  • Motherhood is My Calling

    Motherhood is My Calling

    A Calling is what your soul was made to do. This is often different from what you do to make a living for yourself.

  • Photography is My Art

    I often say that Motherhood is my calling, Photography is my Art. Last week I unpacked a bit of what it means when I say that motherhood is my calling. This week I wanted to talk about Art.

  • What’s Up With Mirrorless Cameras ?

    You may have heard some buzz about mirrorless cameras for the past couple years. What are they? Are they better than DSLR? How do they work? To answer that we need to start with the basics of camera operation. A camera lens consumes the light rays around it , and then uses glass to redirect…