Pensive Puppy

Isn’t she the sweetest? I love how she is griping onto Zach’s hand in these photos.

We are in a very specific season of puppy care right now. Our washer hums all day, and there are quite a few “accidents”, as well as opportunities for us all to practice patience.

I’ve been singing that song from the Veggie Tales version of Esther for weeks …

“ Puppies are cuddly, puppies are cute. They’re never nasty or mean. I’d give a home to all the lost puppies, if ever one day I were Queeeeeeeeen.”

Because, yes, of course Puppies are cuddly and cute. We are halfway through our puppy journey, and frankly I am ready for them to go to their new homes. I have a feeling that some people would be baffled by this. Who could not love adorable little balls of fluff?

Well, I do enjoy them. They’re fun. But they are smelling up my house, making endless messes, and crying at 3 am every morning.

It’s like having a group of babies. But penultimate babies, because puppies are definitely a step down from ultimate.

While they are snuggly and soft and sweet… they aren’t babies.

I’m not a dog person, I’m a baby person. I like actual children over “fur babies” ( and that term annoys me to no end) all day, everyday.

I have been contemplating this recently. How our culture has witnessed a rise in people choosing to not have children, but who lavish love and attention on their pets.

For millennia, children were considered to be blessings- the ultimate goal, the thing needed to make your life complete.

In our current culture, every year or so the news media estimates the staggering cost of raising children.

As if you could some how do a cost versus benefit on something so intangible.

How much does unconditional love cost? What is the worth of being witness to someone’s first word, first step? How do we asses value to another eternal soul?

We can’t , and we shouldn’t.

These puppies are fun. I will look back fondly on this season, as I’m sure my children will.

But the relationships we have with these puppies will not define my life. They could never come close to replacing the love I have for my husband and children. There’s simply no comparison between a dog who won’t remember me in April, and the children that grew from a single cell in my body.