Document Your Life

Document your right-now life. Not the one you wish you had. Not the Pinterest perfect version.

Take photos with your kids. Not just of them- with them. Get in there , with your messy bun and your crows feet and your second day yoga pants. You are their mama, and they will love having you in the frame when they’re older and looking back on their younger years.

Take photos of the amazing breakfast you created from scratch.
Snap a photo of the sunrise .

Document those muddy shoes by the back door- one day , soon, they’ll be bigger than your own.

Photos have never been easier to snap, and you carry a camera around with you in your pocket.

Document the here and now. And breathe deep. Be grateful in the moment instead of rushing ahead to the next thing.

Our right now lives are worth noticing and celebrating and remembering. Because if we take a moment to reflect, we might just see that it’s kinda perfect just the way it is






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