Posing Tips for Real People

With the advent of the internet, Pinterest , and social media, somewhere along 2012 we all woke up to the fact that we weren’t posing for photos correctly. Then came the age of hands on our hips and ducky- faced selfies . ::shudder:::

How does a mature woman pose for photos that look flattering, without feeling like a fool? we have jobs and mortgages, we file taxes and manage children’s complicated schedules. Surely taking a flattering photo should not be complicated for such smart people, right?!?

Right. That’s where I come in.

It’s not as complicated as some might try to have you believe.

The most important thing- seriously- is that you relax. When I’m taking your portraits, I want you to be relaxed and have fun. This comes across in your portraits. This is the best bang-for-your-buck tip that I have.

But maybe you are an over achiever, high performance, driven woman. And you want more posing tips than just to relax so that your smile is genuine. Well, after that golden tip, there are a few more tricks we can do so that you feel confident about how you are represented.

The down and dirty posing tips for mature women:

  1. Hair. We want it neither in your face, nor pulled tightly back. Down, soft, styled naturally, not teased into place.
  2. Face : Chin forward, tilted slightly down.
  3. Arm: place this away from your body, put it doesn’t have to be on your hip at a weird triangle.
  4. Hands: hands need to either be doing something, holding something, or gently touching the person next to you. Limp hands just hanging useless at the ends of your wrists is not a flattering look for anyone.
  5. Shoulders: you may find it helpful to turn them slightly ti create a more balanced and pleasing silhouette. Also, keeping them back helps.
  6. Posture : sit or stand up straight.
  7. Smile. Or Smize. (Smile with your eyes.)
  8. Have fun!





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