What If

I’m a goal setter. A data tracker. A list analyzer. A planner addict. A journal enthusiast.

I love phrases about “living intentionally.” About “creating a life you love.”

All those cliche middle-aged white Roman sayings ? Yes, sign me up. I do want to “live my best life” please and thank you.

Plaster it on my water bottle, my duffel bag, my t shirt.

Setting goals has been a big part (my favorite part?) of the new year for me, going back to my early teens. I like setting goals for each main area if my life, and cliched as it sounds, it really does help me to balance the different areas of my life in a purposeful way.

But some of the people nearest and dearest to me break out in hives whenever I mention the word Goals.

Last year, instead of measurable goals , I wrote out some kind intentions. They worked really week, I exceeded in many of the areas, and there were two intentions I wrote out in January 2022 that simply ceased mattering to me over the course of the year. To me, that is also worth noting. Sometimes the person we think we are becoming, after a few turns on the calendar page… it turns out that we aren’t becoming that at all.

So this year, I’m getting curious. I’m asking What If of myself, my children, and anyone else I’m in deep conversations with (that doesn’t mind answering) ….

The top couple of What If questions that I’m asking myself look like this …

What if the bulk of my solitude and creating happens at 3-5 am instead of on the weekends?

(This is not prescriptive, this is a rhythm that’s developed for me because my husband gets up at 3.)

What if I devote more of my weekends to relationships outside of my immediate family?

What if I stopped getting stressed out by looking dates on the calendar and appointments, and start viewing them as adventures instead?

What if I embrace all that is Now, and stop rehashing the past and dreading the future?

What What If questions might be helpful for you as you move forward into a brand new year?

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