Capture Festive Memories that you’ll want to remember for years to come

It’s that time of year again. I’m hoping that you’ll take a few minutes to preserve these lovely times you’ll be having. In that vein, I have a few tips for taking photos. Implement these simple tips, and you’ll be able to look back on this time with fondness for years to come.

How to take a good photo:

Location, location, location. First we need natural, even light. This is preferably by a window.

Next, clear the clutter. We aren’t deep cleaning , but be aware of any messes and move them out of your background.

Use a tripod (my chosen option). This stabilizes your camera, allowing for a sharper image. If you’re using your iPhone, or even a DSLR but don’t own a tripod , then a stack of books works well.

Take more than you think you will need. Someone’s eyes will be closed. Someone will be talking . This is ok. We live in the digital era. Get your golden shot and delete the rest.

If you’re doing group photos or portraits, you may want to consider taking photos from three basic distances. Full body, mid length, and then close up.

(Or print them as warnings so that your family remembers to cooperate.)

Put finishing edits on your photos. There are many options. My favorite is Adobe. But if you are wanting to make simple edits , and do not want to have to pay for a monthly subscription, then a app like PicMonkey or something similar can be very beneficial.

Then , print them via MPix or Shutterfly. Print them so that you can enjoy them. Photos are tactile , and were never meant to live on your phone indefinitely. Print them and enjoy them.

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