Monochrome Lifestyle photography

When we see a colorful image we take note of the persons clothing, surroundings, eye and hair color.

When we see a black and white image, we see the Soul. The humanity. A moment frozen in time.

Our Family making breakfast together on a Saturday morning
Bella eating popcorn on a Friday night
A couples that has been married for over fifty years holding hands
A photo documenting how tall my daughter is compared to me
A photo of me kissing my daughter. She’s nine and requests hugs and kisses all day long. Will she when she’s 10? 12? I don’t know the answer. So I take the photo today.
My three sons skateboarding
The first ripe blackberries of the season
Watching the sunset together Independence Day weekend
A dress up session complete with wig
Getting Ready

We only get one life. Record the moments that matter most. And record a few in monochrome.

( or consider hiring me. That is my job after all.)

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