What I love about having teenagers.

I currently have a 17 year old son, and a 15 year old son. My youngest son is 12 and will be joining the teenage ranks in a few months. (I also have a newly minted nine-year-old daughter.)

I’m sad when I hear the world disparage teenagers. There are so many great things about being in relationship with teens. Whether they’re your teenagers, your nieces and nephews, or kids of friends or people in your social circles. Perhaps you teach teenagers. Here are my current favorites and no particular order.

The best thing about having teenagers, point number One: hugs. I love all the big, strong man hugs. Now admittedly in this his of the male teenage variety but I’m sure a girl teenage hugs are just as wonderful. Currently both of my teenage sons are taller than me. Taller than me by good margin nearly a foot. I love having these men that I used to cradle in my arms. It’s a very special feeling and a compensates for all the baby snuggles and toddlers knows that I miss out on.

Two, music. I drove them to piano practice for years. They quit after seven years. But then they got them selves guitar. This is amazing to me. I’ve had zero to do with us other than purchasing said guitars. When I’m cleaning or editing photos and they’re having a jam session it is the absolute best.

Music part 2. I also love the variety of music do you listen to you and play. Hip-hop, punk, rap, worship music, 90s country, classic rock, current country.

Right now it’s not uncommon to hear a melody of Blessed be your name, back in Black, and mood. And I love it.

The third thing I love about having teenagers is … Their work ethic.

My boys are hard workers. They have worked almost every day this summer. Powerwashing trash trucks and trash toters cleaning up oil spills. They did this 45 days a week for minimum wage. They also did landscaping on the sign for people in our church. They helped him family move for free. They are involved in volunteering in our community and at our church.

They manage the soundboard at our church every week. Meaning that they have to go in two hours early before church to get everything set up.

They help me clean our church once a month. They are also good at helping the elderly ladies in our church as well as their great grandmother.

Now Zach and I were diligent to teach them to work hard when they were little.

However they have far surpassed our teaching they have taught themselves guitar like I mentioned but they’ve also taught themselves how to run a soundboard and to do PowerPoint for our church and make flyers and all sorts of things like that.

Yesterday Ben found out that I needed to run errands . He asked me to wait thirty minutes.

Then he just casually went out and fix the brakes on his car before running me all around town. It’s something I really appreciate. I didn’t even know that he needed to adjust his brakes and I am at a loss of how you would even go about that. But through Zach’s mentoring and Ben’s hard work- he was able to handle it on his own.

Part four : not having to drive anywhere. Ok son15-16 and the actual teaching them how to drive can be rough. But now that my oldest is an excellent driver I love being chauffeured around: it’s quite nice.

What I love about having teenagers part five. Book conversations. What Zach and I read frequently overlaps with what our kids are ready. This summer I was on an Agatha Christie Street and the boys join me in that. Zach enjoys sci-fi and has recommended mini get back to our sons. Even if it’s not a big that I’ve read personally I enjoy listening in on their book conversations.

FAITH . I’m glad our sons share our faith. this is of essential importance to me and I’m glad we can openly and easily discuss this aspect of our lives with them.

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