Raising Daughters

“We have to be the women we want our daughters to be.” — Brené Brown

Because she’s nine today.

Because she’s almost as tall as me. She’s using me as a measuring line- she’s up to my chin now. “It won’t be long, Mom. I’ll be as tall as you.”

I’m me. I’m not the standard. I’m unworthy of her measuring . How do you tell your daughter than you don’t want her to fill your shoes, that you don’t want her to measure herself by you,? Because maybe you aren’t comfortable in your own skin?

We are so alike. Eye color. Smile. Mischievous. Stubborn. Creative. Messy.

She is chatty and a million questions.

I am quiet and studied introspection.

She’s so beautiful it takes my breath away. I don’t see me when I look at her. Others do. I have to search long and hard.

I named her Bella. Beautiful. And she is .

I furthered that name with Grace. Beautiful Grace, and it’s my daily prayer that she is and will be and will see it in others.

And yet, I’ve born her into a world that will try to remake her, redefine her, swish her into their mold.

I will scream from the hilltops “She’s made in His image. You don’t get to re imagine her.”

I will shout from the rooftops “ She is not your prize. She is not for your consumption.”

I will protect her from harm. Bodily if necessary.

But I must teach her – no one gets to define your worth, God already did. Nobody gets to limit you, intimidate you, silence you.

If I don’t teach her to stand firm on level ground, who will?

If I don’t teach her to go to God for approval rather than men, who will?

Raising daughters is an awesome and holy and fearsome task.

God, grant us strength, perseverance, and nerves of steal.

3 responses to “Raising Daughters”

  1. I am so extremely sorry that I forgot to come back to this. I wanted to reply on Bella Grace’s birthday. I have no good words to convey just how relived and ecstatic and overjoyed and truly blessed that I am that YOU know all these things and see all these things. That I did not know. That I did not know to teach you. I thank GOD that HE has answered my prayers for you!!!! To lead you and guide you to bless you with wisdom that I did not have. To be close to HIM and to hear HIS voice and to be obedient to HIM and not men. I didn’t know these things for myself so I could not pass them to you. I only knew there was a much better way and I know HIM who has it and …. Oh how extremely blessed I am by HIS answer in you❣️ I thank GOD for you and all that you are doing in HIS name❤️ HE called you and you answered HIS call and I am truly blessed. I knew all too well that I was not the standard and oh how I did not want you or your brothers to follow my footsteps unless it was to seek GOD. I have prayed hot and heavy and hard for it and I will NOT stop. How blessed am I!? That GOD heated me and gave me – ha! Your mama!!! The desires of her heart! HE says HE will and HE does not disappoint. Well done, my lovely, gracious, heavenly minded Daughter ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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  2. Not heated! Oh good gravy the past tense of hear

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