A Vision for Motherhood

The Bible tells us that “My people perish for lack of vision.”

Some translations say “knowledge.” We , as a society have lost core knowledge that we once had. Knowledge that included basic manners and a code of ethics, telling the truth and honoring previous generations.

Our culture no longer upholds a Biblical worldview. It doesn’t really aspire to any sense of morality at all. Our grandmothers had the luxury of living in a time when the culture supported basic Christian values.

In contrast , our children are being saturated in a world that increasingly wants to harm them.

Look at the culture around us. The culture first wants to shape , and then wants to consume our children. What other explanation is there?

I’ve frustrated by the pornification of our culture. I’m frustrated by the Sex Sells attitude that is so pervasive. The over sexualization , the saturation of the messages like “you do you” and of “anything goes,”the ever present social media and vapid consumption of Tik Tok , the shorts they market to our preteens that would function better as underwear…

I’m tired of the war my boys have to fight to honor the women around them, as older women who ought to know better dress as harlots.

And I’m frustrated for my daughter because the majority of what is for sale in the clothing department is indecent.

Is it any coincidence that everyday brings another news article about a coach/teacher/ student counselor/ other trusted adult that have raped or molested young children?

What else are we to assume than , that we first market our children as sexual objects and then are confused when sexual predators abuse them?

Moms, we have to rise up and say “No, our daughters are not for your consumption. Our sons are not for your consumption.”

Does that mean doing the unpopular thing? Yes .

Do we need to dress our children like puritans ? No.

Do we dress them in a way that reflects godly values? Yes.

Do we have parental restrictions on their phones? Maybe.

But more importantly we teach them godly values, like Self Control.

I’m not advocating for Courtship or True Love Waits or the Purity Movement. I’m advocating for teaching our children that sex is a beautiful and powerful thing and that we cheapen it by over use, and by taking it out of the natural confines of marriage.

We wouldn’t encourage them in excess in any other area of their lives , from food to screen time. So why are we so hesitant to guide them in the very areas that will affect them for the rest of their lives ?

Teaching respect for other people’s bodies and self control of our own bodies means that they will reap a lifetime of happiness and freedom.

A young man that has been taught to respect the young women around him is not going to rape someone. A young woman who has been taught that her value and worth is not wrapped up in how many views her seductive dance earns her on social media.

The things our children are being exposed to are such a degradation . Things that quite frankly adults shouldn’t be exposed to. We are living in a cess pool and surprised to find that we stink!

I admit that sometimes when we consider the culture at large , and how it’s harming our children, we can tend toward excess. I would never encourage you to completely withdraw from the world around you and insulate your children. How can we minister to a hurting and broken world if we are never in it?

And yet, the culture has to be addressed. This is the world our children inhabit.

I would like you to take a minute and think back on the past two or three years . Think of the social changes, the upheaval, the increasing divisiveness. Think of the rhetoric, name calling and mudslinging, from all sides.

Consider that there has been a Seismic shift to video consumption, through Tik Tok, and Instagram Reels, and more.

Think of the riots and the lock downs. Think of school at home and social distancing.

Think of all the things that have come to pass that we never thought we would see in our lifetimes.

It seems like it’s all building to a climax, but what? Where are we headed ? And are we prepared?

If we are going to raise our children well then we absolutely have to reclaim our vision.

If we don’t have a vision, the world is all too ready to step in and provide one.

Let’s go back to the J R Miller quote. It begins “Oh that God would give every mother a vision..”

Our vision comes from Him. It has to. It has to originate with the creator and sustainer of life.

It doesn’t appear out of thin air. We don’t have to drum it up, , conjure it out of nothing. We go to God to get our vision, for our lives, the lives of our children, our home and family culture, our priorities.

J R Miller goes on to say , “ could she be made to understand her own personal responsibility for the training of this child.”

We are the ones responsible for teaching our children. We instinctively know this. We teach them to be kind, to share, to think of others:

We also know from scripture that teaching our children is our responsibility. We see this is Deuteronomy 4:9, 11:19, and Proverbs 20:11, 22:6.

Back to Mr. Miller, “she would see that in all Gods world there is no other work so noble and so worthy of her best powers.”

Motherhood is a noble work. And it’s work that requires our very best efforts.

We have to tie our dignity back. It is no small thing to invest precious years of our lives in the teaching and training of our little ones.

For far too long stay at home moms and homeschool moms have been made to feel like social pariahs .

No more.

We are doing the important work of caring for, educating, training and disciplining our children . We are giving of our selves – our time, energy, resources. We are providing for their basic needs to that they grow up to be balanced and well adjusted people. People that are mentally healthy, so that they are not searching the world over for the things that will never satisfy.

Keep up the good work mamas. Go to God and ask him to give you a fresh vision for your motherhood journey today.






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