“The Hungry Soul He fills with Good things”

For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.

Luke 13:29 ESV

The longing soul. The hungry soul.

Obviously the filling here is not physical.

And yet, metaphor is such a powerful way to get the truth from the theoretical to the place of our deepest knowing.

What am I hungry for? What am I longing for?

What thing do I lack that I hope will fill me ?

What lies do I tell myself? What do I tell myself I have to have in order to be happy?

If I take a step back, I can easily see how foolish this is. Is happiness alway to be over the next horizon?

Am I only worthy of happiness once I’ve lost the weight, earned the degree, bought the house…

These are the questions that move past our behavior, to our motivations.

Another way to look at this, is what makes me angry? What do I fear?

Because under anger and fear there is always something that I’m trying to preserve, protect. Right or wrong. Good motivations, or poor. There’s walkway something lurking underneath the exterior emotion.

When I turn my thoughts to God , and the ways He fills me, I am quickly mindful of bread.

His Word. Communing with Him in prayer. Our daily bread.

The filling of our souls.

This is what we must continue to long for, to crave.

My pastor reminded us recently that once we are full, we have not arrived. In order to make our faith complete, once we are full we must turn our attention to serving.

We are filled in order to empty.

He fills us with Good things. Yes, because He loves us. But also so we can better love others /

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