Loosing my Voice

When the world gets loud, I loose my voice.

My emotional voice.

No words.

I am speechless, nothing left to say.

And I wonder , if I will

Simply cease to be.

For how can one think, but not express ?

Or is this the modern curse?


Because we have the platform, we think the

world deserves our innermost thoughts.

It does not.

I take solace in books



I find quotes that resonate

Quotes about life and art and love and the meaning of time

I take comfort in other’s peoples words

I nod my head in understanding

Copy out in longhand the quotes that moved me, brought the hot liquid to my eyes

Pity quotes, irreverent quotes, theological quotes.

Thoughts from those older, wiser, further along than I.

I am grateful they took the time to share their voices.

For perspective.

When I cannot find my way out of the jagged edge maze of Wordlessness

For long enough to piece together my own .

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