Foxglove in the Summertime

“The beautiful parts of life don’t cancel out the hard parts of life.”

– Emily P. Freeman (on the HopeOligie Podcast from June 2015.)

On the heel of the most magical weekend , I received some sad news. In fact, I received in while in transit .

The grief is layered.

And , like so many things in life, it isn’t my story to tell.

Deeply rooted in my personality to get really quiet while processing. This is not in order to be caught or mysterious. But because at my core, I’m still processing.

But I’m still sad .

We contain multitudes.

And sometimes that means being deeply grieved over a loss of something that you didn’t know was yours to begin with.

And sometimes really beautiful moments can come spring forth from the darkness.

But sometimes the moments take longer than you like. And the unfurling is long, slow and painful.

And as much as we would like endless days of sunshine, we can breathe the beautiful of deeply right to the marrow of our bones even as we hold back the tears that so desperately need to fall.

Because as Emily P Freeman said , “The beautiful parts of life don’t cancel out the hard parts.”

Foxglove is a good reminder of these hard truths. Foxglove, beautiful and poisonous. Helpful and harmful.

We contain joy and grief, wonder and misery, hope and fear, pleasure and pain.

And it is still well with our souls.

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