Children walking in the truth

3 John 1:4 :
“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (NIV)

Zach and I have been talking about this recently. As long as things are alright with our little family , we are ok. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about our extended family , neighbors, or friends.

Really what we are trying to communicate is that with the state of turmoil the world is in right now, we find peace in knowing that our children love God. That they are walking in the truth. It provides an assurance, a bolstering up emotionally in an unsure age.

We are living in a culture that disparages teenagers repeatedly. I happen to have a fine group of them in my home.

Everywhere we go- church, volunteer opportunities, family gatherings… people are impressed with our children. Our sons in particular, because they are teenagers.

Generally they are complimented on their work ethic, because my boys do work hard.

Their dad and I raised them to be hard workers, and yes, I’m proud that they work so hard. Our family, our church, our extended family, and our community have all benifeted from my boys hard work.

And yet, I’m far more glad of their individual walks with Christ. I’m thankful for Ben’s sense of justice, for Elijahs constant willingness to volunteer, for Josiahs ability to recall difficult concepts that we discussed a long time ago. I’m thankful that I see them growing in character, that I see them loving and serving those around them.

It doesn’t mean that we are patting ourselves on the back for our stellar parenting.

To be raw and candid, It doesn’t even insure that our children won’t ever walk away from the faith.

It just means, that for Today, I rejoice that my children are walking in the truth. And I have every intention to do the same tomorrow.

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