Stop Overpaying for Under-whelming photos .

Quality photos are an investment. They are an investment of time, money and energy.

If you are a mom of small children, the idea of wrangling your children together for a decent family photo may seem like a Herculanian task.

And the last thing I want for you, after you have spent your time and money, is to be disappointed in your photos.

So here are a few things to consider when looking for a local photographer.

1) Know what you are paying for. You need to have a goal in mind so that you can determine whether the photographer you are considering can deliver what you want.

Do you want a family photo where everyone is posed and smiling at the camera?

Or are you more concerned with preserving this stage in your life? Would a handful of images where you are smiling at each other , but in a more relaxed pose be more meaningful to you?

Do you want a sharp image , with true to life colors? Or, are you drawn to a certain editing style or style of images?

2) know what you like .

Please don’t be fooled by certain editing styles. If the images are over saturated or all matte, or look dark and Moody, but the focus is off, you won’t be pleased with the photos long term.

Many photographers utilize certain editing styles so that their images are all cohesive. They are all matte for example, or they highlight blacks and greens, or oranges and browns , or their images are all neutral toned.These photos are very stylish. And if that’s what you like that’s great. As long as you realize that it is the editing style you are drawn to.

Do you cringe when you see some of the perms in photos from the 1980s? Well our filters of 2022 will be that cringe inducing factor in 2040.

To whit, a more sparsly – edited photo may not feel dated as quickly as the popular color edits of today.

3) Don’t fall for the camera snobs. Know that having the latest gear or most expensive camera or lens, doesn’t insure that you will end up with quality photographs. Someone whose focus is off or doesn’t compose a photo properly will not give you the end results you desire no matter how expensive their camera is.

4) Don’t hire a photographer who reproduces each and every pose you see on social media.

Photography is an art form. There are some general rules , some basics to know. However that doesn’t mean that it is formulaic or that it sjoudl be mass produced like gum.

We want images that feel evergreen. timeless over trendy. these are the photos we will be happier with in the long term.

In some instances, these images are quickly dated. They are evergreen as a more true to life or minimally edited photo might be.

5) Don’t hire a photographer who can’t get the eyes sharp, whose focus is off, who doesn’t capture details, or who is more worried about props that capturing the subject.

So, what do we need to look for ?

1) Someone who knows their camera thoroughly. They understand Photography basics and don’t think that because they own an iPhone and can apply filters that somehow qualifies them to charge you money. 😉

2) Someone who moves their body. You want a photographer who gets close, shoots from different angels, captures the details, gets close to the subject (you) .

3) Someone who edits their photos consistently. Their images should be related, but we are going for cousins, not twins. We want the photographer we choose to have an overall style and aesthetic, but we don’t want them to force it.

4) and for a wedding… that special day you’ve been dreaming about ? Hire someone with insurance and a second shooter, … for the love. Make sure they are actual wedding photographers , and not just moonlighting.

I refuse to do weddings because I don’t want the pressure of the single most important day of someone’s life to be on my back. That being said, I honor and appreciate great wedding photography. It truly is a very special art form, and only the most talented of individuals should undertake it.

And , as a bonus of what to look for:

You want to see the words “high resolution” somewhere on their website.

Thanks so much for reading this!

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