Don’t try to handle your anxiety. Bring your anxiety into the presence of Christ. Don’t try to fix your loneliness. Bring your loneliness into the presence of Christ. Don’t try to hide your addiction. Bring your addiction into the presence of Christ. Don’t try to change your attitude. Bring your attitude into the presence of Christ. Don’t despise your humanity. Bring your humanity into the presence of Christ.

Emily P. Freeman, Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World

I began attending a church that is a Recovery Church in May of 2021.

Addictions are very much on my mind these days.

Our pastors Love to remind us in the congregation that we are all in recovery from something.

Childhood Abuse. Neglect. Drug and Alcohol Addictions. Trauma. Loss. Grief.

Neither my husband nor I have struggled with drug or alcohol abuse. But they certainly influenced our childhoods.

I read Simply Tuesday , the book I quoted in the intro to this post, six years ago.

That seems like a lifetime . So many things have changed. But as I came across the quote that I wrote above. It struck me anew. The mention of addictions made me sit up and pay attention.

Don’t try to handle your addiction. Bring it to Christ. You see, recovering addicts know intuitively what the rest of us must learn.

We cannot cope. We cannot do anything in this life apart from Christ. The faster we are to acknowledge it, the faster we can get down to the real issues. That’s where the healing begins.

A woman in my social circle, whom I once considered a friend, laughed at me when I told her we were attending a recovery church. She made fun of me, my family, the type of people she thought might attend.

Unfortunately, my friend was rash in her judgment. She was callous in her opinion, assuming the people attending this church to be beneath her.

She doesn’t know the genuine love pouring form each and every person at that church.

I’ve felt Gods presence more in that little misfit church than in 20 years elsewhere.

What my friend doesn’t know is that my husband and I had a three year battle on where to attend church. There were some broken relationships, some past hurts, some blatant hypocrisy.

During this period, I took the children to church while he stayed home.

There is more to the story- there always is.

I certainly don’t fault my husband for his struggles. He genuinely was hurt by people in leadership positions that should have known better.

We both struggled with the hypocrisy we witnessed in churches, we simply had different ways of dealing with it.

I maintained that attending church was important in the spiritual development of our children, he felt that he didn’t want our children around people who claimed to be followers of Christ but lived quite apart from His teachings.

But then, we began attending this little church. It was like nothing we had ever experienced before.

The people were genuine. Authentic. Welcoming. Honest about their pasts. Open about what God had saved them from. From the very first time we walked though the doors, we knew we had found a Spiritual home.

This little recovery church has impacted our entire family for good. It has renewed my husbands desire to be the spiritual head of our family, to attend church, to prioritize volunteering.

This little recovery church means everything to me. I am grateful for the raw honesty that my fellow Christians show. I’m grateful for the bravery with which they offer up their stories, their testimony, the hard truths that they have wrung from their suffering.

Maybe one day I will follow in their footsteps and tell my story as well.

Those who have been forgiven much, love much.

And this is possibly best witnessed at a church full of recovering addicts , clinging desperately to their Savior.

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