Strike while the Iron is hot

To strike while the iron is hot is to act decisively and take an opportunity when it arises.

As my young men have taken up forging neatly, I have had the opportunity to witness this recently. If the metal isn’t the right temperature, their efforts will be ineffective.

Sometimes waiting is a wise decision. There are some decisions on hat shouldn’t be rushed. What career to chose, who to marry, whether to move across the country. These are things that we are wise to wait on. To think about, pray about, ask wise and godly people about.

But there’s another side to the decision making coin.

Sometimes it’s time to stop thinking and act . To just Do the Thing already .

Because while it is important to consider the various outcomes , and repercussions of our actions… sometimes when we delay acting it’s procrastination disguising itself as caution.

I confess that sometimes I can get stuck in the information gathering, …. thinking and processing and researching ….

And sometimes I just need to take the opportunity as it arises. To strike when the iron is hot.

I need to be brave, even if it’s misunderstood by those around me. I need to do what I feel is right regardless of what the popular opinion of our day. I need to do what it takes to serve my people, the people in front of me, regardless of the cost.

To have a little courage, to not be so afraid of failing that I never try.

Join me ? What opportunity is trying to get your attention today?

One response to “Strike while the Iron is hot”

  1. Oh!Sweet and Precious Sister! What decision or opportunity is calling me or am I wavering on? How and what to write! Although I may be closer than I was yesterday! Great photos of forging!


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