Fresh Starts and Arbitrary Measurements.

I love the fresh start of a new year.

Clean slate.

Zero mistakes.

No regrets clouding my view or keeping me up at night.

I love plans and goals and color coded charts,

And yet, last year, I only set one goal for myself.

I didn’t achieve it.

But I did make great strides in that area.

And I don’t feel like a failure for not attaining it.

This would have not been the case a few years ago.

I know all about five year plans and SMART goals. In the past I have utilized them, and I still actively appreciate and kind of love them.

But it occurred to me last year, that a lot of the goals we set are tied to numbers.

Work out X number of times.

Loose x amount of weight.

Save X amount of dollars.

And sometimes, even when we accomplish what we set out to do, we aren’t satisfied.

We move on, to another number.

Growth is crucial. We want to continue to grow and learn and develop. We want to be kinder and gentler and wiser each and every year. And goals can help us to head in those directions.

However, I’m tired of tying my sense of self worth to arbitrarily decided measurements.

I’m more than the sum total of the number on the scale, the number of followers I have on Instagram.

I’m more than the size of my home, my income, even -dare I mention it- my carbon footprint.

I’m more than the number of lines that are magically appearing on my forehead, more than the decades that are starting to rapidly slide by.

I’m more than my height (not much), and more than my girth (too much). I’m more than my bust, hip, and waist measurements.

I’m more than the dollars in my bank account, the worth of my earthly possessions .

I’m more than my age, the candles on my cake.

And although I personally adore the Enneagram, that also is not the sun total of who I am.

None of these adequately describe who I am.

I’m more than the numbers others might use to describe me.

And so are you.

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