Girls, grab your planners! It’s a new year!

Are you a journal keeper? Do you enjoy planning? I do, on both counts.

I do Morning Pages every morning, which is basically three pages of stream of consciousness before you start your day each morning.

I also write weekly in my Next Right Thing Journal by Emily P Freeman.

I am currently working out of two planners – one my mom created for me for my personal work and home tasks, and then a second planner just for homeschool lessons and assignments.

First semester it was all in one place and it was a bit messy- I’m hoping that dual planners help my crazy brain this semester.

My boys purchased a gorgeous leather notebook for me for Christmas this year, and as I am turning 35 in April, I plan to record my special moments in that notebook. I’m calling it Year of 35 because I’m so unique in the arena of naming things . 😜

My Year of 35 pages thus far :

* 2021 Memories : a few notes on each month .

* My Word of the Year : the word, the definition, and some thoughts

* 10 areas of my life and their corresponding goals/ intentions

* one page for each of my “main” relationships

* a page of Dreams for the next year. These aren’t goals exactly, more like things I hope to accomplish.

I used to plan five or so goals for each area of my life. I think growing older, plus the season of life I’m in, are contributing to me aiming more for Adjustments rather than Complete Overhauls.

I like how my morning time is working, I like my rhythm of working out, I like how our homeschool is progressing… so rather than big audacious goals, what I need are more minor adjustments.

I love SMART goals, and Five Year Plans. But I don’t plan to utilize them this year.

The next five years will be very important, as I will be graduating 3 of my children in that span of time. Not having a five year plan doesn’t mean the time period is not important. Rather, it means I’m learning to lean in and asses in each season what my children need most from me.

Where are you at ?

Are you a bit sad and nostalgic for the year that had passed?

Are you looking forward to the year to come, ready and eager to turn the page on the calendar?

Do you have huge goals that you’re ready to chase?

Or do your resolutions look more like gentle intentions this year?

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