Images of Motherhood… or How to Be Your Own Lifestyle Photographer

We love these children. We would give our lives for them. We diligently plan fun experiences for them, and capture their lives on camera.

But do we have photos of ourselves with them, or are we always behind the camera?

I am sharing images I took this year of me with my children , with both my Canon and my iPhone camera.

I don’t always like how I look, but in thankful to have these photos.

Now, you probably already know that DSLR cameras take the highest quality photos.

In fact, I wish I had more high resolution photos with my children from when they were young.

However, getting photos with your children is the main thing, and if all you have available is a camera phone, I will be sharing tips for that scenario as well.

Tip Number One : Document Your Actual Life

– Homework


– Practice

For me , in 2021 these photos looked like

– Bella learning to read

– creating crafts together

– dinner time

– quick (cellphone) family photos on the way out the door

What ages are your children? What stages are they in?

Sure, nicely posed portraits have their time and place. But as my children get older, I’m finding that I love the photos that captured very particular stages in their lives.

Playing with Blocks : Taken by remote on Canon DSLR Camera .
Learning to Read , slightly out of focus , taken on a timer.

Could these images be sharper, more in focus? Yes. Thankfully I have grown as a photographer since taking them. Am I glad I have them regardless of the quality? Also , yes. Just take photos with your children!

Tip Number Two : Utilize that Cell Phone Camera ! Timers, Selfie’s, and mirror photos , oh my!

If your cell phone camera is all you have – utilize it. Cell phone cameras have come a very long way, and are a photographing mom’s best friend.

Set your timer and read to your child, or practice yoga together.

Take a Mirror Photo of you wearing matching outfits.

Set up the timer and snap pictures of you playing with your children, reading to them, doing crafts.

Not the highest quality image, but it adequately captures the moment.

Tip Number Three : Know your Angles

Ok, so to be fully candid here : when I’m working with my camera for lifestyle photos of my children and I , I’m not particularly worried about my hair or makeup or possible double chin.

However, I also feel that one of my main hang ups when printing photos of me with my children, can be how I feel about the way I look.

I also get frustrated with many of my photographer friends who don’t pose Moms in flattering poses, because it perpetuates the problem of moms not liking how they look in photos , but that is a different post for a different day.

Sometimes , you want a cute photo of you and your child. Sometimes, you want to share it without reservations or over analyzing how you look… or how you Feel about how you look…

Enter the Mom Selfie. That’s when holding your phone above you , IG selfie style, works wonders. It isn’t exactly Hi-Res, but you’ll have an easy win, a photo of you and your child that you feel good about, and that certainly counts.

That’s when holding your phone above you , IG selfie style, works wonders. It isn’t exactly Hi-Res, but you’ll have an easy win, a photo of you and your child that you feel good about, and that certainly counts.

Tip # 3 Know Your Angles – this was a Very Important Doll Wedding

Tip Number Four : Take Posed Photos, as well as Candids on Timers

Mother’s Day, semi- posed with DSLR. I got my boys to cooperate by telling them we were only taking photos for ten minutes.
Our “Official” Family photo, taken with my DSLR.
Decorating the Tree- on a timer, I had no idea what I’d end up with. Frankly, everyone looks cute but I’m making a dumb face. However, what stands out to me is the laughter. We were having a blast.
But capturing the moment is what we’re doing here.

Tip Number Five : Just Take The Photo Already!

When working with toddlers, teens, groups of people , or the camera adverse… something is better than nothing. Don’t love how I look in this photo, but love the memories of Thanksgiving dinner around the table.

Stop striving for perfection. Aim to authentically capture your life as it is right now, not in some imaginary scenario.

Thanksgiving dinner – Shot on a DSLR, Remote timer, but didn’t pose per say

Tip Number Six : Take a Quick Family Photo in Your Way Out of the Door.

Headed to church, wearing matching hoodies . It’s cute. It reminds me of this time in our lives, and it took less than two minutes.

If you’re headed out, this is a great time to snap a photo with your cell phone. Your children are clean and dressed, and your partner is most likely with you. I love how these turn out, and they’re usually just for me anyway.

My teen boys aren’t fond of posing for photos, but they don’t generally mind a quick cellphone picture with the whole family.

Tip Number Seven : Capture the Season, your way.

Baking together. This photo is certainly imperfect, in that you can see my phone , and my hair is a mess, but I love that it captures the fun time we had.

This could be the literal season (Spring) the Holiday Season, or the Season in your life (; (crawling , toddler, teen, )

A special Christmas tea last year. It’s fun to take similar photos annually and note how much your children have grown.

Play up the colors of whatever season you’re in- this was obviously spring.

In conclusion, friends, take photos of you interacting with your children. In twenty years you won’t care what you looked like now, you’ll just be glad that you have photos of this very special time in your life .

And , for my photographer friends, I know I broke a few cardinal rules. Ie, I should have edited all the photos the same way, etc. I’m trying to show imperfect motherhood captured authenticity. That was the point, not technically perfect photos. Thank you.

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