Cozy Homemade Christmas

There is a certain kitschyness that is completely and unabashedly acceptable at Christmas.

I’m a proud Cozy Minimalist. I decorate three main areas- Front door, tree, mantle – and I keep the rest purposely clutter free. This has helped me not feel the need to pack it all away the moment Christmas is over. I love decorating, but I love my sanity more.

All that to say, I’m not advocating clutter …


There’s also room for fun small vignettes. We need to bring out the cheap plastic cookie cutters that remind us of Grandma. The wonky angel that grandpa had to repeatedly glue back together.

Because this ties us to Christmas past. Our Christmas memories may be some of the most visceral memories we have

I’m not advocating for getting stuck in sticky sweet sentimentality for the duration of December.

But a little nostalgia, like a bit of salt, helps balance our holiday experience.

It keeps us from taking our plans, our decorations c, our ideals, our aesthetic, our gift giving, or our experience too seriously.

You know your nana would roll her eyes at your monochrome color scheme tree.

You know your grandfather worked hard to carve that clunky snowman. Pull it out. Treasure it, give it a spot of honor.

Let the warm memories fill you to your toes. And don’t forget to relive those memories with your parents and siblings and aunts and uncles… and tell them to your children. Merry Christmastide.

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