Posing Puppy and Pet Portraits

Would you like a special photo of your Furry Friend this season?

There are plenty of wonderful pet photographers, but perhaps you would prefer to DIY this year?

Here are my tips:

1) Keep a Sense of Humor. If Fido isn’t in the right mood, it isn’t going to happen. And that’s ok. We want our pets to be happy and comfortable, not miserable while we try to get the shot we dream of.

2) The Perfect Photo is a Myth, it doesn’t exist. Especially when you are working with animals. it isn’t going to be perfect. Let that standard go. Instead , think of the goal as “ let’s get ten cute shots of Snoopy this month, in order to capture this time.” This is a far better kindest to go into your photo project thank wanting to get the perfect shot for your card.

3) Offer praise, treats and rewards. Your dog has zero concept of Christmas, and even less of an idea of Christmas cards. They don’t know that you want to send this image out to 100 people. But they love you and care about you. They’re doing their best, even though they don’t get the motivation. That’s worth the a treat. Or four.

If you relax your expectations, and realize that they are not trying to be difficult- it helps immensely.

4) Pay attention to their body language. Don’t push them to sit and cooperate for longer than they are comfortable. Snap a handful of photos and then take them on a walk or let them go play.

If you keep it light and fun, they won’t associate your camera with a miserable time for them. Best of luck to you and your furry friend!

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