Christmas Decorations Sound Off

On trend this year :


*Earthy/ Natural Colors,



* Mixed Metals (with silver taking the lead this time around.)

Will you be adding any of these to your already existing decor?

If you do not care to read a slightly indulgent list of what I’m thinking of Christmas Decor wise, feel free to quit reading here.

Ok, on the Decorations front, I am looking for “more style, less stuff.” ( -Myquillyn Smith)

I don’t think there is anything that I intend to purchase as far as ornaments go, other than the yearly ornaments I purchase for my children.

The past few years I have given away and donated Christmas items that I no longer use. Even though I love gingerbread houses and nut crackers – they were making my house feel cluttered and uncomfortable.

Currently, I decorate three main places for Christmas: front door, our Christmas tree, and the mantle.

Overall, I’m happy with my tree.

I would like to add something next to the front door on the porch ( maybe white antique ice skates and a coal bucket?) .

I do want to purchase some nice faux garland for my mantle. I emphasize nice because I want to be able to use it for years to come. The decision is currently between evergreen and silver dollar eucalyptus.

(Feel free to weigh in on this riveting topic. I jest. Sort of. )

I’ve had a white light and mixed metal ornament tree for a few years now.

The biggest difference is that I bought a Nice faux tree in 2019 instead of the cheap ones I had previously purchased.

This one looks like a Fir, and it’s so pretty it almost doesn’t even need ornaments .

However, I will be piling them on, as I enjoy decorating the tree with my children each year.

Yes, my teen boys still help, but mostly because I make sure we always have good snacks on decorating night. 😉

As far as the Earthy , neutral colors trend, I intend to incorporate that into my gift wrapping.

I’m not a giant fan of the gnomes, but my friend makes them and they are cute, and as such I intend to purchase a few to give as gifts.

I adore the Pastel trend, but as my living room is already a rather shocking pink, I think I will go for a contrast rather than pastels.

Alright, your turn:

What trends do you love? Hate? Do you have go-to Christmas decor themes or do you change it up every year? Comment below!

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