Christmas Time is Here

“Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year..”

I waited until after Thanksgiving to post Christmas photos on this blog, even though I decorated for Christmas mid November.

I can hear the groans now.

And I silly wait until the Saturday after thanksgiving. However, that doesn’t work for our families’ a huddle this year.

I had three guests comment on how early it was. I laughed it off, explained about projects and scheduling.

But can I tell you a secret, dear reader?

I’m tired of the Early -Christmas -Decorators being shamed by the Must- Wait until After Thanksgiving legalistic view.

My family and I are not one iota less grateful because our tree was up before thanksgiving.

It has nothing to do with rushing to get to Christmas.

The world is on fire. There are far more important things to think about, pray about, focus on. Our Metal space should be so occupied by higher thoughts that there is no room left for this “debate” to continue.

If Christmas Decorations bring you joy, put them up when you’re ready.

If the clutter stresses you out, don’t. Or find a sane way to decorate so that your house feels festive without feeling overwhelming.

The years seem to slip by faster and faster each year. Why not prolong the joy?

Regardless, we are now in what most people consider to be the Acceptable window to decorate . Grab out those boxes and bins.

At our house, I’m glad I can open the door and not hear about how early I decorate… until next year at least.

Rejoice !

Christmas time is -finally- here.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Time is Here

  1. I think acceptable is whatever you are used to in your house and while others can say they would not do it, they should not shame those who do. We used to decorate at the beginning of December when the kids were young, but now we are the only ones who see the inside of our house, we did not decorate until 2 weeks out. There is too much shaming and blaming going on these days and everyone needs to cool it.

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