The Last Tree

The Last Tree to shed it’s beautiful leaves currently stands tall , centered prominently among those who disrobed weeks ago.

I’m sure that someone, somewhere, would be adapt at moralizing this particular situation.

But I’m frankly not all that interested in morals these days.

I’m interested in Wisdom. But I don’t care a fig for the time honored traditions of men.

I’m not sure if this is because my 35 birthday approaches- clearly an indicator of Middle Age- , or ifs because I am growing more cynical and hard hearted . ( obviously, I hope not the latter.)

I care about what the One True God has to say about a topic, but I’m not to keen to hear many peoples interpretations on the subject.

But, if we were to observe this tree, we might make a few observations. Observations need not lead us to Over Moralizing a subject to death if we don’t want to.

In fact, If we take any lesson from this tree, may it be that she stood her ground when those around her had long given up hope. ( or leaves, as the case may be .)

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