Spotted in the Wild – Buffalo Plaid

Thai post is a bit tongue in cheek, as none of these things happen to be wild.

I adore Buffalo Plaid and have been picking up pieces here and there and wanted a place to put my photos together.

Most of these items were thrifted. Thrifting is better for the planet, and frankly better for my wallet. Thrifting is also low commitment, and great for buying On Trend items at a fraction of the cost.

You may be asking why this matters, why I thought it merited a blog post. And that is a valid question.

I usually post about faith or longing or hope or family or seasons or nature…

But sometimes themes or trends are worth documenting.

It’s fun to look back on a moment in time. It’s why we enjoy Nostalgia. Similarly, there’s a reason there is a market for antique toys. There are certain prevailing elements that remind us of home.

Much ink has been spilled regarding the power of scent, and the powerful emotions and memories it can provoke.

Food is similar, in that it unites regions and cultures.

When I say Southern Casserole, or Cajun Gumbo, or Chinese Cuisine… there are images, tastes, smells that come to mind.

When I ask you about your favorite toy at five, your favorite way to spend a school holiday… you are remembering something specific, not a vague concept.

That is Precisely why we should document the things in our lives. And with the prevalence of digital media, and the ease and access to cameras, this has never been easier.

Documenting our belongings might conjure up some fairly distasteful images to you. I’m not advocating for a Insurance Style Inventory, nor am I encouraging you to delve into a self – indulging Homage to the glut of materialism.

No, what we are going for is something along these lines:

*What is your favorite morning ritual?

*What is a favorite outfit that you dress your baby in?

What is your toddlers favorite toy?

*What book do you reread every Christmas time?

*What heirloom had been handed down? You might want to preserve the story in written form, and gather photos of various family members using the item .

Feel free to post the link to your blog with your response or take on this theme of Documenting your Right Now Life.

Here’s to the Memory Makers, Keepers, Preservers.

Here’s to the Art of Noticing, and of Paying Attention.

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