November , and Light in the Darkness

And Suddenly it’s November. The Mornings and the Evenings are both dark. But not as dark as they will be …

It’s cold. The Bright Red Maple that was so gorgeous yesterday is almost completely berift of leaves.

It’s dark. Dark in the mornings. Dark in the evenings.

In the past I have gone through periods of preferring the darkness, and then swinging wildly to the other side, despising it.

Humankind. We are not merely content for long, are we?

The past handful of years (3?4?) I have deeply dreaded the darkness. The mere thought of a long stretch of cold dampens my mood. I kick against the darkening days. I resent the bitter cold, and curse the ice whenever I have occasion to venture out.

I have noticed that when my overall anxiety is heightened, when my senses are on high alert, the darkness drains me even more.

But dark surroundings do not indicate dreariness, deadness, or somberly surroundings:

The lack of light in my home is not immediately corresponding to the state of my soul.

Darkness can be embraced for a season. As can light.

Darkness can be cozy. It can be comforting. A lit candle, for instance, looks lovely in a dim room.

Darkness can be soothing to weary souls. With less things to look at and distract, darkness can lead to more meaningful reflection or meditation.

And, similarly to how trees go dormant for a season in order to do their best growth in the spring, so I can rest. My body can benefit from Slowing Down for a season.

It’s dark. It’s cold. You and I can rest. Rest in the quiet, yes even in the dark.

I can rest when there is less sunlight instead of fighting against it. Darkness doesn’t have to be the enemy . It can be one more marker on the journey of life, leading us to slow down , if only for a time.

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