Early November

November feels like autumn winds, like pulling your jacket tighter around your body, like snuggling up under cushy plush throws.

November looks like cold rain, and leaves floating gently to the ground.

November smells like the first time the heater kicks on, and baking pies.

November is the hush before the mad rush of the holidays.

November is the calm, methodical sibling to the extraverted and overly zealous December.

November plods along, at times wistful for the things past, and at other times hopeful for the things to come.

Gather. Remember. Repeat.

November is a time of reflection, of contemplation .

November is a piece of wheat tucked in an amber bottle, homage to days gone by.

November is dusting off the good China, and preparation for those gatherings that will swiftly be upon us.

November is a hastily scrawled out quote tucked in your pocket, a prayer in your heart, a soft melody on your lips.

Welcome November. We’re glad you’re here. Stay awhile?

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