Even the Oak Trees are rejoicing

Usually the Oak trees outside my window are stingy. They hold onto their leaves through the fall, only letting go in the midst of the bitter winter.

They are usually brown and dried before they fall, aged and wrinkled old men , weary of the world.

This year, however, they changed. They went and did something so completely unexpected that I sat up and took notice.

They are changing colors. They are slowly changing from green to red, yellow, and orange. They are multi hued. Who knew? Not me, even though I have lived here for 5 years, and have been coming to this property for a over decade before we purchased it.

Now , it could be that we had a long mild summer, and only recently arrived at cooler weather, when it tends to be more drastic at other times.

But the Ann Shirley in me chooses to believe that deep down the oak trees knew it was time for a change. They decided to reinvent themselves this year. To be vulnerable, to show their true colors , hidden underneath the veneer of green. Instead of waiting until the last moment, clinging desperately to their tree, they decided to courageously and authenticity let go.

Even the trees are rejoicing. May we follow their example .

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