Butterflies, Bees, and Rest

Where did we, our culture at large, get the idea that there will be some sort of prize handed out for self sufficiency?

Is the Pull -Yourself -Up -By -Your- Own- Bootstraps -mentality handed out at our birth, along with birth certificates and social security numbers?

Why are we constantly aiming at Perfection, and who taught us to do so? Who told us that perfection was a worthy goal? Or that it was even attainable?

When did we learn the lesson that our value lies solely in our ability to produce, manage, and perform?

As a young mom, I ran around frantically , desperately trying to outperform, out-serve, out cook and clean and out pace the competition …. But who exactly did I think I was competing against?

I thought that if my husband came home to happy children , dinner on the table, and a clean house that I was fulfilling a mandate from God.

I want to take my twenty four year old self gently by the hand and say “ go take a nap.”

Because truly, that’s what I needed.

I needed to stop trying to create a Pottery Barn home on a Walmart budget.

I needed to learn that perfectionism leads to death. And, in time, I did. I began to aim to give my shot, and leave the results up to God.

And as I consider Nature, and her unhurried ways, I begin to emulate her wisdom. God , in all His wisdom and Splendor , rested on the seventh day of creation. Not because He was tired, but because He was satisfied in its completion.

The laundry and dishes will never be done. But we can still rest in the completion of a job well done.

I have never seen a bee or a butterfly fretting over all the nectar that they need to collect the next day.

They work hard, and then they rest.

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