Nostalgia and Piles of Pumpkins

There’s a certain Cartoony 90s Halloween aesthetic I miss when the calendar changes over to October.

In the 1990s , we had point and shoot , flags photography film-fed cameras.

Some people mastered this art form.

However, many did not.

I personally believe that DSLRs made photography an easier creative act to try out, to play around with, simply because digital is more affordable that film. You can alway erase the digital images, and this leads to people who are intimidated or frugal to feel free enough to experiment.

This is all well and good.

And I adore modern photography.

But come October, I love looking at those Too-Orange pumpkin Photos.

And frankly, cheaply made cheesy costumes look better under the hazy glare of a flash camera wielded by an over exuberant mom. Cheesy Halloween costumes do not stand up to the scrutiny of our modern high definition cameras.

(Don’t @ me)

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