All that Glitters

These photos are of antique dishes at my grandmother’s house. I took them because I needed to practice using my 50mm lens in less than ideal lighting conditions.

While that backstory is not interesting, the quote they brought into mind is.

It is in a book I read when I was 8 or 9, entitled “Jennifer Murphy’s Toad” by Bruce Coville.

It started with the Shakespearean quote of “all that glitters isn’t gold” but Bruce Coville continued on, speaking about how “most Mirrors are Errors.”

I searched for the exact quote and was unable to locate it. And my copy of the book was destroyed by my children long ago.

But the idea all that glitters not being good and most mirrors are errors remains.

I look great in my bathroom mirror and terrible in the mirror at church.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? And it’s not just the fluorescent lights, either. I can look decently put together at home, and when I take Bella to the restroom at church I have somehow morphed into a Bag Lady. My hair hangs limp, lifeless and flat, except for where it stands straight up… when half an hour prior I had tamed it into loose golden curls.

The concealer that I diligently applied under my eyes is gone, and purple half moons are in their place.

What gives?

I’ve decided that this falls into the Most Mirrors are Errors category.

I don’t look as good in real life as I do in my bathroom mirror, nor do I look as terrible as it appears in the mirror at church.

There’s a lot of chatter about Body Positivity, Body Neutrality, and Body shame these days. But that’s not what the Mirrors being Errors has me considering.

Most Mirrors are Errors.

Meaning we cannot even trust our own vision.

So we don’t Really know what we look like.

Then I realized, I think that’s where my heart is right now.

The heart is desperately wicked, sure. And I am certainly capable of any and every sin under the sun.

But Christ saving me, and sanctifying me, means that I am somewhere on the map between sinner and saint.

I sin because while I am saved, I still have to wrestle my old nature. But I also try to give myself away to others, not because I’m a good person, but because I have a new Reason to live for.

I try to follow Him, and I blow it.

I forget myself, give myself away to others , and I feel Him smile in encouragement.

It’s the conundrum.

I’ll never be Good Enough, but the Good News is that I don’t have to be.

And you don’t have to either. The whole reason Jesus came was to bridge the gap between us and God. We can never be good enough to make it. He knew that, and made a provision for us.

So while I’m not certain exactly what I look like, or what my heart looks like for that matter, He does.

And knowing that is Golden, and that’s no Error.

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