Seeing the Beauty that’s within

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Can you point out unconditional love to me? Will you hold up some grace? Dig some hope out of your bottom drawer?

These are absurd questions, of course. Hope, love, grace are generally intangible qualities.

Self sacrifice, perseverance, and honesty , while of upmost importance are all similar in that it’s hard to grasp them, hold them.

So why in earth do we insist on judging people by their appearance?

If we can’t see the things that matter the most , then why do we think we are able to perceive who someone is by the way they look?

It’s appalling , really.

The way we demean and discount each other. As if we could assaign worth to a infinitly valuable soul .

Our misplaced motives show up in the way we’re jealous of the thin, young and beautiful. The way we’re dismissive of the old, flabby and infirm.

The way we destroy each other’s lives and well being , with malicious gossip and seemingly innocent passive aggressive comments.

The way we hunt each others spouses for sport, because we can.

Yes, I’ve born witness to this.

The way we turn the knife in the wound. The way we say the thing that we know that we know that we know is triggering to them.

Yes, it’s important to be healthy and to have a healthy sense of self worth.

But this should never come at the price of putting others down to build ourselves up.

Because we have the same exact basis of worth.


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