Prairie Flowers in the Summertime

I’m going to be candid with you- these photos were taken at the wrong time, in the wrong light, because of an impending storm. I had to hike through snake infested grass ( I almost stepped on large snake of indeterminate origin, and did step on a baby snake.) My model was hot, complaining and uncomfortable.

But you don’t see that in these images.

You just see the Prairie Flowers in the Summer Sun.

If I hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t be picturing snakes right now. (Sorry about that .)

Our lives can be like that. We can wear masks when interacting with others. We can post the highlight reel of our lives to social media. Sometimes we can even start to believe our own hype.

What would it take for us to be authentic?

I’m not encouraging you to post photos of your messy house or the like.

I’m asking you to consider sharing your messy heart.

I’m also asking you to be careful when you do.

Because I think one of the reason that many of us are afraid to go deep, afraid to be real, afraid to show up as our true authentic selves is precisely because we have been burned.

We have had our deepest confidences shared indiscriminately with the group. We have had friendships fail, we have had our dark confessions repeated back to us word for word.

And it hurts .

But we can’t let that stop us from trying again . We can’t stop being real and vulnerable and authentic because people in our pasts haven’t been able to handle us.

We’ve been told that we are too much. We’ve been told we are not enough .

What if today, we just , be?

What if we accept our flaws- our snake filled underbelly, if you will? What if we live authenticity , not apologizing for things that are simply our personality?

What if we only felt guilty around our actual sin, the wrong things we do that hurt others ?

And if it wasn’t morally wrong, we just, didn’t apologize?

And maybe , just maybe we could then cultivate the same in our family and friends. Maybe we could create a safe space for others to come to us with their fears, failures, frustrations. Maybe we will stop judging the less than perfect aspects of our loved ones.

Maybe we can all just be together and enjoy the sun.

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