Fine Art Style Portraits

Fine Art Style portraits are a fun alternative to the traditional back to school portraits that we are all familiar with.

They are different than the Dark and Moody photos you have born witness to in the glossy Destination Wedding magazines , but there is some crossover. You might say they are cousins , because in Fine Art Style portraits we often use light dramatically, and can employ a black background.

Fine Art Style portraits of your children are relatively easy to take, and fun to play around with.

Some simple tips to start:

1) If you are in Manual mode, the lowest ISO that you possibly can, while still lighting your subject.

2) Aperture: Use your f stop as low as you can while still maintaining the overall image integrity.

3) Search out a shaded spot . This photo ( below) was taken on a summer afternoon around four pm, which is not the ideal light at all. However, by searching out deep shade, and positioning Bella so that her face was toward the light, I was able to capture some fun results.

(As a technical aside. I should have had her remove her glasses and I wouldn’t have ended up with the purple glare on her glasses .)

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