Summer Remnants

What mementos of Summer will you carry with you into the fall? The tangible and the intangible. Will you keep the rocks you collected from that hike, the ticket from the concert you didn’t know would happen? Will you remember the peach fuzz beginning to form on his cheek, the popsicle grin on her mouth?

I’ll carry the memory of the first job and driving lessons for my eldest, my second born leaning in to more decisions and leadership, my youngest son learning to be brave and taking on more responsibility , and my daughter becoming her own unique self- , unapologetic about her different way of seeing the world.

I’ll carry the rocks they bring for me to inspect , the designs they sketch, the paintings they paint for me…. I’ll carry the difficult conversations, and the wise things they say that stop me in my tracks .

I’ll remember how the middle two cooperated together, the youngest anew obsession with baking, and how the oldest thanks me when I drop him off at work, or run him to the store for Oreos.

It hasn’t been everything we dreamed of during those dark winter days, and it hasn’t looked like we thought. But it has changed us. Summer has held us, as we are people who are in a constant state of Becoming.

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