Document your days

With the advent of social media, we are no longer strangers to taking photos that once might have been considered strange. You have witnessed someone standing on their chair in a restaurant, right? Social media influencers have certainly changed the pictorial status quo. And while some of it is admittedly ridiculous, some of it is rather inspiring. On a related note, I am glad that we now have decent cameras with us wherever we go, making capturing those timeless moments much easier.

We love to see pretty photos on Instagram, and we even zoom in to see what our favorite beauty guru is using, or what is on the counter behind our favorite home decorator. We are interested in the brand of candles they are using, the new holy grail face cream, and the croissant they ate for lunch.

But what about the rest of us ? Are our lives worthy of documentation? My answer is Yes. You may not be jet setting to Fiji, but your life is worthy of noticing and remembering, and of preserving through meaningful photographs.

Now, I’m not advocating for you to whip out your phone at inopportune times, or to prioritize documentation to the exclusion of everything else. (And I strongly doubt that you would be tempted to do so. )

However, I would encourage you to take photos of your everyday life. Consider for a moment your age, stage of life, and who you spend your time with . Whatever you may be currently living will be interesting to your future self. The truth is , our daily lives can alter dramatically from year to year, sometimes even from season to season. Consider how different your life is now , from five years ago. Think back, are there people from high school or college that you wish you had photos of?

Taking the time to take photos of what matters can help us experience less regret later on.

I want to encourage you to take the photos you might have judged unnecessary before . Snap pictures of your skin care routine, of you fixing dinner with your spouse , of story time with your little ones. These are the special little moments that make up our lives!

One area that I personally worked on last year was getting in the frame. I love taking photos of my kids, and yet I realized that I have very few photos of me with my children. I spend my days with them, loving them, teaching them, caring for them.. .and yet there is very little photo evidence of this fact. This is especially true of when they were small. I vowed to change this, and I have. Setting aside insecurities about how I look , I have been using my timer to take photos of my children and I reading together, hiking, baking, and all manner of activities. I am so glad that I am doing this , even if I always like how my hair looks. 😉

  • To get started :
  • Reading – a new book, your favorite book, stacks of books
  • What you wore / your favorite outfit / your child’s favorite outfit
  • That book your child asks you to read over and over
  • a weeknight dinner
  • your family snuggled together on the couch
  • your pets
  • your car
  • your favorite restaurant
  • your desk or work area

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